Here is a list of projects that I work on for fun

Школа Ясности

Школа Ясности (“School of Sense“) — educational video-project, it’s the first Russian MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). That’s the main application of my creative forces now: I digest lots of books and movies, simplify a hard topic (like probabilities, calculus, or even sleeping hacks, meditation, etc.) and make awesome video course on that topic. Better subscribe now and you’ll have tons of courses by early-bird price.
Cameron Dias teaching

Quick CSV Import with Mapping

Quick CSV Import with Mapping – a script that imports CSV file to a database table with visual mapping of CSV columns to table columns. Grab a fresh copy from SVN repository.
CSV Mapping Master - click to download

add2cart jQuery plugin

add2cart jQuery plugin adds visual effect of a product “flying” into your Cart image (must be obsolete already since jQuery UI offers similar functionalty, try Transfer effect here)

Phonetic domains generator PHP script

Phonetic generator (download) helps to generate words (e.g. domains names) that sounds similar to a word given, but have different spelling.

Get File Size firefox plugin

Get File Size — a Firefox addon that shows a file size of a remote file (nice to know before downloading a huge file).

Get File Size dialog