It’s security, man!

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2 developers are talking:
— Hey, what’s the password for our production database?
— 12354.
— Hmm, why isn’t it just 12345 then?
— Gosh! It’s security, man!


How to earn $50 on a bookmark

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I gonna tell a story how I sold a browser bookmark for $50.

A client contacted me, he wanted a Firefox add-on that would do a simple, but important thing — the client needed to see contact details on a website, and in order to do this he had to click multiple “Show contact details” buttons. These buttons loaded the contact details by an AJAX call.

So he needed a solution to click these multiple buttons on the same page.

Plus the second requirement was to make this feature password protected. Once the password was entered, it’s “cached” for a long time. The client needed that so other people couldn’t reuse his code, and he knew that those users are not tech guys.

So, the budget was $50.

I told him that I can make a solution that would work not only in Firefox, but in any browser. He agreed.

So I created a bookmark and edited the URL.

Maybe you know, you can replace a usual HTTP-link by a javascript code.

So instead of “” you can type “javascript:alert('this is a message');“. Like this:

$50 bookmark

So clicking this browser bookmark shows a JavaScript alert.

That’s what I used. The password was asked by a prompt() function and saved to a cookie. Then every button with a given title was pushed, as a queue.

Client is happy. $50 for a bookmark.

Domain Driven Design as billiards game

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I am becoming a fan of Domain Driven Design (DDD).

Here is a fun idea how DDD could look if you come to a pub to play a billiards game.

You are asked which game exactly you are going to play; so you say “pool”. As result you get a pool table and a pool rules agreement. This is an abstract factory.

The balls are numbered and colored. Black ball has a custom behavior. Since they all have an identity, they are entities.

As for the billiard cue — it’s a bit trickier. If the cues have different size, and you prefer to play by your own one, it’s an entity. Although, if you are drunk and don’t care about the stick you are playing with, it’s a value object.

A small pieces of chalk is a value object — any one works. The adjustment triangle is a value object too.

The rules of pool is a domain service.

The kick, the chalk break, the balls setup — all these form a infrastructure service.

A wall shelf for the balls is a repository.

Email address RFC

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It’s was entertaining to dig into email address format while working on a corresponding task.

Here are a few facts that I didn’t expect to be allowed for email address:

  • the local part of an email address can contain spaces, and it must be quoted and escaped by a back slash like “\ “
  • the local part of an email address can contain comments! It’s put in parentheses and can be omitted. Example: “john(comment)” equals to “
  • domain part can have IP instead of domain. To do that, it must be put in square braces like “john@[]”

Here are examples of VALID email addresses:

  • '@[]
  • user@[IPv6:2001:db8:1ff::a0b:dbd0]
  • "much.more\ unusual"
  • ""
  • "very.(),:;<>[]\".VERY.\"very@\\\ \"very\".unusual"
  • 0@a
  • !#$%&'*+-/=?^_`{}|
  • "()<>[]:;@,\\\"!#$%&'*+-/=?^_`{}|\ \ \ \ \ ~\ \ \ \ \ \ \ ?\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ ^_`{}|~.a"
  • ""

Tech improvements would be funny to have

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  • a password field with auto-suggest feature
  • a message telling you that ‘Such password is already taken‘ (especially indicating by which user)
  • a authentication system that recognizes you not by the username and password you’ve typed, but by the speed of typing and delays between characters
  • case sensative domains names
  • a hyper link, that opens multiple windows when clicked
  • a page advert analyzing your face via webcam and rotating banners when you blink
  • porn sites that capture the video of you via your webcam while you surf them (maybe it exists already? beware!)

Open source project as a CV

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I think it’s a nice idea to contribute to open source project at least to just highlight this fact in your CV/resume when you are looking for a job.


  • you show your level of commitment to something
  • money is not the only motivator for you
  • the code written by you is publically visible — you don’t need to explain what major design patterns you know, which technologies you are familiar with and how good you usually polish your code, that all can be seen

I think it can be compared with marriage. Remember that Alec Baldwin quote  from “The Departed” movie?

Marriage is an important part of getting ahead: lets people know you’re not a homo; married guy seems more stable; people see the ring, they think at least somebody can stand the son of a bitch; ladies see the ring, they know immediately you must have some cash or your cock must work.

Y3K — IT in 3000 year

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It’s many years since Flickr has collapsed — the Flickr chief web designer, who read too much about old days CSS trends, glued together all Flickr images in one single sprite (googol to googol pixels in size) in order to boost site performace.

According to the websites, the most widespread address used in the fake accounts while registration at the websites, is still “Obama street, 1“, since that address is valid anywhere being present in any city of the planet.

Google is on its last legs, slowly but surely. The problems appeared when crio-time traveling became popular (i.e. person is freezed for 100-200 years, while his/her money is raising, and (s)he wakes up rich in the future). Though Google has had a policy to delete a user account after 50 years of inactivity (as it was almost 100% guarantee that the user is dead), now, when people could not check mail for centuries and remain alive, it became clumsy. There is not enough room on the Moon for Google servers farms, but the leadership still believes that giving away 2 zettabyte for an email account is cool.

The minimum length of new email accounts is hundreds of characters (fortunately, Yahoo marketers made a PR campaign and set the fashion having a huge email address. Nevertheless, you can buy a modern concubine robot for the email address up to 20 characters long).

The legendary Soviet module of express-repair is built in all the gadgets: a snarking device resumes to work after you kicked it.

After World Community Grid has found an AIDS cure, its power is addressed to solve alchemical tasks. Lead becomes very expensive — it’s literally worth its weight in gold.

OpenID has risen from the ruins when they guessed to use a user’s DNA as an unique identifier, but termo-rectal crypto-analysis is still working.

Earthmen triumph: Alpha Centauri aliens finally agreed that the numberation system based on integral numbers are much more useful.

Twitter overtook the Wikipedia 3000 by volume of data stored since it started making a copy of the universe of a few parsecs radius around the user at any time, after which it was shown that googol number is not that large.

A usual programmer looks like a pirate — a bandage on one eye is a device with a computer image projected directly into the eye. Autist programmers go with the band on both eyes.

After the nuclear power plant collapse on the Chinese continent of Antarctica the term “Schrödinger Cat” lost its meaning, because animals stopped dying from the external disturbance.

At school, the multiplication table in the first grade must be learned up to “the answer to life the universe and everything“.

Popularity of services to generate the musical albums, where you can make mashaps of singers, drummers and guitarists of all known groups of any stage of its creative work for any language and musical style, fades.

But on the other hand it’s becoming popular to go to the cinema on a bet at least on the “Alien”: the television and movies learned not only how to smell (it was guessed quickly — American films died as a class after this), but also how to transmit the taste and tactile sensations of various intensity degree, so the probability to survive after the watching the “A Nightmare on Elm Street” is about 5%.

The greenhouse effect has increased the oceans and made the land very expensive. Ocean underwater offices are very popular, and the expressions of “office plankton” and “offshore development” got another meaning.

Originally posted in Russian at Images are borrowed from It’s funny because it’s true blog.

Darth Vader in love

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Check out this cool video based on Star Wars – Darth Vader In Love.

“I’m such an idiot” © Darth Vader :]]

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