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Once upon a time I took a look at my Google Analytics account and found out that is 5th source medium for two my blogs (this one and my russian blog).

I have 8 classes submitted. Calculation shows that 7% of my blogs visitors are my classes downloaders and viewers for all the time my classes and blogs exist, and 11% – for last week.

Take into account, that

  • I get these people to me without any move – I have just placed the links once.
  • in-bound links improve Google PageRank
  • count of links is limited only by your imagination ;]

To check that all my classes have all needed links in “Related links” section, I wrote a PHP script that adds a link if it’s not present on your class page. It was written fast so there not so much error checks; to use it, just

  1. type your login/pass,
  2. list IDs of your classes and
  3. define the list of links to be placed in “Related links” section of every class page.

Script supports more than one login/pass pair. If such link is already present, it will be skipped. CURL is required for your PHP server.

You can download it and use for free.

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