Do you need a handwriting generating service?

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Now, my reader, I need your feedback: do you think it’s a good idea to create a handwriting generation service?

The idea is you come to a site, type some text in a form and as result download a PDF file which being printed looks exactly as if you wrote by a black gel ink pen.

I’m sure I can do this since I was working on such stand-alone tool several years ago. It would be fun for me to reimplement it for on-line use, but is there any point in such service?

What do you think?

P.S. It’s not a font looking like a hand-writing. You won’t recognize that it was generated+printed if an ink printer is used. As example:

6 Responses to “Do you need a handwriting generating service?”

  1. Alex Kachayev Says:

    I think it would be wounderful service if you will check some interesting marketing position:

    for example, you will say, that with using this service every young man can easy write beautiful letter to his girl 😉

    Oh, something like this!

  2. myself Says:

    This is one example of such script usage

  3. Igor Says:

    Can’t think of any useful application for it. Perhaps sending out paper spam, camouflaging it to look like it was hand-written…

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  5. Rakovets' Oleksandr Says:

    This will be a nice feature for students of some philological specalities, because they are to write a lot of text by hand. 🙂

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