Do you need a handwriting generating service?

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Now, my reader, I need your feedback: do you think it’s a good idea to create a handwriting generation service?

The idea is you come to a site, type some text in a form and as result download a PDF file which being printed looks exactly as if you wrote by a black gel ink pen.

I’m sure I can do this since I was working on such stand-alone tool several years ago. It would be fun for me to reimplement it for on-line use, but is there any point in such service?

What do you think?

P.S. It’s not a font looking like a hand-writing. You won’t recognize that it was generated+printed if an ink printer is used. As example:

Rival Alert Pal

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I created Rival Alert Pal – it’s a FireFox addon that helps to add data to my new data scraper project Rival Alert.

With its help you can just select a number on a web page which you want to track, right-click on it and select “Add to Rival Alert” menu item – after that this number will be added to the Rival Alert, and its updates will be tracked every day, so that you would be able to keep an eye on the value’s changes:


The same can be done for FeedBurner counter images – just right-click on it and “Add to Rival Alert” menu item.

Rival Alert

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I’m happy to announce that my project Rival Alert is ready for alpha testing!

Rival Alert is a data scraper that keeps track of statistics located on public web sites: forum registrations count, page visits, stock price or number of search results — any kind of numeric data.

Bloggers! There is a cool feature for you — Rival Alert can parse FeedBurner counter images so that you could know how popular other bloggers are.

You can find out more here.

Another PHPClasses victory

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September 2008 WinnerAnother my class has become a winner of PHP Classes Innovation Award – it’s the implementation of Binary Search algorithm. Yes, it’s the algorithm we all know from university – it’s strange for me, that it was considered as innovative.

I wrote this class as a test task while an interview for a new job. Results were so impressive for me, that I decided to share this piece of code: it finds result in 10Gb file for less than 5 seconds! File must contain key/value pairs (separator can be defined, by default it’s equal sign), and these pairs are sorted by keys. You define what key to search and get correspondent value very quickly.

For example:


If you search “Sandy”, you’ll get result “8”. Very quick :]

As a prize I selected an Apress book called “From Program to Product” – though I found it in PDF, it seems to be quite insightfull for me: we, developers, always think about code, and never about how to sell it. I have several product ideas, so I hope the book would help me to succeed.

P.S. Fun is that a few people emailed me to say how nice my new PHP Classes avatar is :] Thanks to Anton Dovgal for such a great picture of sad me.

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